Andrew White Calls on Gov. Abbott
to “Soften His Heart” to Protect Texas Children

HOUSTON - 5/19/18 - A day after the Santa Fe High School mass shooting, Andrew White, Democratic candidate for Texas governor, today outlined actionable plans to protect school children from gun violence in Texas schools.

“#NeverAgain just happened again, and it’s going to keep happening until our leaders do more than send thoughts and prayers,” said White. “At this moment, we want nothing more than to hug and cry with the parents who lost their children yesterday. We know they are being cared for by close friends and relatives, but like so many Texans, we want to do more for them. Just as law enforcement had a job to do and medical responders had a job to do, our political leaders have a job to do as well. And, they aren’t doing it.”

White provided a plan - what to do and not do - to move forward with reducing gun violence in Texas.

  1. Implement common sense gun safety legislation ( Universal background checks. Raise the gun buying age to 21 (exclusion for military). Red Flag laws. No militarized weapons with high capacity magazines or bumps stocks.  

  2. Gov Abbott should seek immediate approval to access the $800 million already funded for border security to, instead, be used for school security. If a Special Session is required, then Abbott owes the parents of every school kid in Texas the same degree of whole-hearted representation he gave to fringe voters from his party who sought to pass the Bathroom bill.

  3. With these funds, the 3,000 high schools in Texas can be upgraded to better protect our kids.  We know how to protect our capitol, military bases and airports. Surely, we can protect our schools too. Using proven technology, we can restrict and secure entry points along the exterior perimeter of school grounds to create a safe campus in and around the school.

  4. Do not arm teachers. Most high schools currently employ armed security personnel, although additional personnel may be required.

"By God, nothing is more important than keeping our kids safe. Can we stop playing politics to protect our kids? Even Gov Rick Scott - the A+ rated by the NRA, Republican governor of Florida - softened his heart as he mourned with the parents who lost children in the Parkland shooting. I call on Gov Abbott to soften his heart and open his mind to protect our kids. In Texas, ‘do right and risk the consequences’ has been replaced with ‘do the expedient and follow the NRA’. Texas can do better.”