I'm Andrew White and I'm running for Governor.

Why? Because, while other states are making advances in everything from education to technology, our politicians are stuck on bathroom bills, pandering to extremists.

Texas deserves better.

I’m an entrepreneur, and I’ve started six businesses.  I think we should run our state like you run your household or work at your job, putting others first, while managing the bottom line.  Math and data can guide us to make better decisions.  Common sense and decency will solve just about everything else.

It's easy to create division.  It takes a leader to build consensus.  Let's take a 4-year break from what divides us and come together as Texans to restore our state's leadership in jobs, education, and prosperity.

I’ve made a bunch of friends – Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and Independents. I'm a Democrat, but I agree with Republicans and Libertarians on some issues, Independents on others, and Democrats on many. 

Let's forget the labels.  I'll work everyday with all parties to make real progress.  All credit will go to the Legislators who do right and risk consequences. I’ll take the blame for failures.

I want people from other states to wish they lived here. I want Texas to win in everything. Education. Jobs. Self-driving cars… (that can fly!)

We can do this together. Let's get started.  What's important to you?  Send me a note, then join us on Facebook.


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We can do this together. Let's get started.