Our criminal justice system needs reform. Too many Texans are needlessly incarcerated, damaging lives at huge expense to taxpayers. We need a system that treats Texans fairly and justly, and that focuses resources where they belong - on real criminals.

Fix the Cash Bail Problem

Non-violent, misdemeanor offenders are required to put up cash bail, often several thousand dollars. For some, the cash bail itself is as much of a problem as being accused of a crime. First, spend days in jail waiting for your case to be heard. Second, lose your job and maybe your car. Then, watch your family fall apart when you can’t pay rent or the grocery bill. “Preventative detention” is illegal in Texas, but it happens everyday. Being poor is not a crime. As governor, I’ll stop this injustice.

Decriminalize Small Possession

Arresting, jailing, then prosecuting citizens for possessing small amounts of marijuana is unfair and places a huge time and financial burden on law enforcement, prosecutors and judicial staff. Let’s decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana. We also must retroactively clean the record of anyone previously convicted for these crimes. In addition, marijuana should be legal for legitimate medicinal purposes.

Death Penalty Failure

The death penalty doesn’t work. It’s proven to have zero deterrent effect. It’s not a perfect system—too many innocent citizens have spent time on death row and even been wrongly executed. And, it’s expensive—really expensive. The system we have is not working. So, rather than risk a wrongful execution — we should use life without parole and get the added benefit of saving millions of dollars per year.

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