Joseph Kopser’s still fighting


After the Democratic runoff for Governor, I told you Texas is worth fighting for. Now, I want to tell you about someone who’s fighting for us.

On the campaign trail, I got to know a lot of great candidates. One of them stands out because of his energy, experience and commitment to our country.

That candidate is Joseph Kopser. He’s running for the Congressional District 21 seat, which connects north San Antonio to south Austin and includes Kerrville and Fredericksburg.

He served for 20 years in the Army (he started young!), deployed twice to Iraq, where he received the Bronze Star and the Combat Action Badge. After the military, he founded a successful tech company, created jobs and won awards. And he’s a true Texan, who refuses to sit on the sidelines while our country is paralyzed by politics. For more on him, see

I traveled our state for eight months, and met a lot of Texans. So many of them were hungry for the same thing: to see respect and reasonableness return to politics. As a lifelong Texan, I want that too.

Joseph is the only candidate who can deliver that change, and bring the same calmness under fire that he had in Iraq to the chaos in DC. Plus, there’s no incumbent for this seat--a “once in a lifetime” opportunity.

But it takes money to win. Can you pitch in $15 today to send this Iraq veteran to Congress? I’m investing with you. If everyone reading this donates, we’re talking about real money!

Chip Roy, Joseph’s opponent, is cut from the same cloth as Ken Paxton and Ted Cruz. But they aren’t just friends--they’re his former bosses!

As a first time candidate, Joseph is running for the right reasons, and he can win. Donate now to support Joseph Kopser and send our Texas values to DC.


Andrew White

Former Candidate for Governor of Texas

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