Harvey Lost, We Won


One year later, Texans proved we don’t give up. No hurricane is more powerful than our unique, Texas way of doing things. Fifty-one inches of rain can’t stop our “hold my beer” attitude.

The photo below shows a flooded road that led to a newly created, fast moving river we crossed five or six times on the first day of the flood. The engine died on one crossing.  The boat almost sank on another. A year later and I still experience the fear of what could have happened.


Hurricane Harvey reminded us that politics isn’t a game. Decisions get made--or not made--and we suffer the consequences. With Harvey, we suffered because our leaders ignored the reality of development along the Gulf Coast. In other areas, our political leaders are failing to give kids the education they deserve, to make healthcare affordable and to keep us safe from gun violence.

Our leaders must stop “playing” politics and start leading. That’s why I’m donating to Beto’s campaign. Beto knows leadership is more than a sound bite. His recent “taking a knee” answer is just one example of the kind of thoughtful leadership he will bring.

Friends, Beto can’t win if you and I don’t work to make him win. It’s more than attending a rally. That’s the fun part. It’s knocking on doors and asking your neighbors to join you in voting for Beto. It’s digging into your pocket (again), so Beto can keep running television commercials. It’s getting on your knees and praying for him and for our country.

So, let’s get busy. Nov 6th is coming up.


Andrew White
Former Candidate for Governor of Texas

P.S. Want to hear more stories about Harvey?

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