Four Friends Who Can Win

When children are being separated from their mothers - by our own country - we have to get involved. When school shootings simply become NRA talking point opportunities, it’s time to step up. And, when truth itself is no longer considered the ultimate standard, we have to draw the line.

I made a lot of friends on the campaign trail, but none better than Mike Collier, Justin Nelson, Lizzie Pannill Fletcher and Todd Litton. I ran into them at a million campaign events. We would swap stories, share successes and commiserate with failures. They have a heart for serving others and will provide real leadership for all Texans. In short, these are good people.

And they can win.

But, winning doesn’t just happen. We can’t sit in the audience and just watch. This isn’t a sporting event – it’s the future of our state. And, it takes a team. 

Would you consider joining me by volunteering or contributing $20, $50 or even $100 to one or more of these candidates, who work for you everyday? 

Todd Litton for Congress District 2 - He works as hard as anyone I met on the campaign trail. I’d follow him anywhere. His race is a winnable race (and even more so if we give him some financial support).

Lizzie Pannill Fletcher for Congress District 7 - She never stops fighting, but always with a smile. I’m working to make her the next congresswoman from my home district (will you join me?).

Justin Nelson for Attorney General of Texas - He’s running against a criminally-indicted Attorney General. Those two phrases should never refer to the same person. (I went to high school with Justin, and he’ll get 100% of the Lamar H.S. vote, but can he count on your support too?).

Mike Collier for Lt. Governor of Texas - No one cares more about education and teachers in Texas than Mike Collier...and no one actually knows as much about how to fix our education system than Mike. (And, he’s running against Dan Patrick. Need I say more? Let’s get busy).

Kiko VelezComment