God Save Texas

After losing the runoff, I took my family to the beach to decompress. A friend gave me the book “God Save Texas” by Lawrence Wright to read on the trip. Maybe that wasn’t the best decision.


If 8 months traveling the state talking to teachers, doctors and mom’s who demand action wasn’t enough – this book is yet another reminder that Texas stands at a precipice. Our leaders have moved Texas out of the mainstream and into the fringe. How else can you explain a special session for a bathroom bill, but not for Hurricane Harvey? Giving retired teachers only one cost of living adjustment in the last 17 years? Or, marching in goose step to the beat of the NRA’s drum by refusing to close a loophole that allows convicted felons to buy weapons?

I ran for governor to remind Texans to “do right and risk the consequences.” Do right by our 5 millions students and 1 million teachers and retired teachers. Do right by our 4 million Texans without health insurance. Do right by the millions of Texans affected by a criminal justice system that treats the rich differently than the poor. 

But, we can’t do right, if we don’t take the risk. 

And, running for any public office is a risk. But, win or lose – it’ll make you a better person. It did for me. In my worldview, serving others is our highest calling, and whether in local, state or federal government, serving others by providing fair-minded, common sense leadership is always needed, especially in today’s political climate. 

So, don’t give up. Texas is worth fighting for. Let’s fight for it together. Pick a candidate - Senate, Congressional, State or County race, and get busy. Volunteer. Talk to your friends. Raise some money. Spread the word. 

If you don’t know where to start, here are 5 winnable congressional races that could use your help. I know each of them well, and I’m going to send them some money today.  Would you join me? Pick one, or all five!

Houston: www.LizzieFletcher.com

Houston: www.ToddLitton.com

Dallas: www.ColinAllred.com

AUS/SAN: www.Oliver2018.com

AUS/SAN: www.KopserforCongress.com

Let’s do right and risk the consequences. November is coming.