Texas can do better

I’m a common sense Democrat.

I'm running for governor to bring sanity and reason back to state government, so Texans can have hope again.


I'm a family man who, as a entrepreneur, helped create hundreds of jobs and understands what it’s like to sign both sides of the paycheck. 

My dad, Mark White, governor of Texas in the 1980s, taught by example what it means to lead sacrificially. I experienced that firsthand during the Harvey flood when I used my small fishing boat to rescue people stranded by rising water. (more here)

Politics should be about more than just getting re-elected forever. Our state leaders are stuck pandering to extremists with bathroom bills, sanctuary cities and tree ordinances, instead of focusing on our real problems like improving education and healthcare. 

My top priority will be to continue my dad’s legacy of improving public education. As a start, I'll increase teacher pay $5,000 per year to attract and retain the best teachers, and I’ll pay for it by closing a $5 billion commercial property tax loophole that mostly benefits out of state owners.

If you’re ready for change, then join our movement for fairness, equality, and common sense. Texas can do better. #DoRightTX